Indian Commercials! The official platform to show your stupid ideas and show out your product. Commercials are a important part of every Indians life because practically they are what the idiotic box is filled with. We look at the ad’s and we have been through so much that we don’t even question anymore about the so called creativity.

I have worked out the perfect steps to make a Indian bike or car commercial.

Step 1: sign up a actor or a stunt man*
Step 2: you need a hot girl somewhere waiting for you to watch you ride your bike/car.
Step 3: never to shoot in Indian conditions.
Step 4: Never show the details about the model and “just for fun” lets keep it for the end when the computer man speaks out everything in 10X speed.
Step 5: use the word gurantee and warrantee every now and then.
Step 6: Last but not the least use attractive music and use slow motion camera to make things look cool.
*If you are super rich, sign up AR Rahaman to give the music.

Mix these up like potions in harry potter and you have the secret reciepe.

Lets look at best of the worst Indian Automobile ad’s we have successfully lived through.

1 – Ad Hero Honda Glamour Simply Magnetic:

Here I am sitting in front of the TV and this master piece from Honda shows up with this catchy song and its supposed to be a Ad for some bike as far as I can understand.

So this is what happens- A girl sitting in her Mercedes looks out while waiting for the signal green and seems to notice a bike which is cheaper than her car leather interiors and all of a sudden forgets she owns a “Mercedes” and dream of going on a ride around some fairy land which for sure is not INDIA.

Now I have tried various Algorithms to understand her fantasy about Honda Glamour and I have failed. If you can explain this crap, please do let me know.


They make amazing cars and brilliant engineering, buttttttttttttt…………… I would love to meet the genius behind the making of their commercials.

They have many but these two are my Fav:

Volkswagen New Polo – Anniversary:

First thing that came to my mind was that the director of this commercial has been watching a lot of Nolan lately or is one of those geeks who grew up believing time machine.

So this is what happens- The actor comes back home after is usual exhausted day and as most of us forgets his anniversary. The moment he enters the door his wife welcomes him saying “Happy anniversary “ and he stands there like a idiot who makes up he left her gift in the car and BAM!!! Back To The Future Moment. Time stands still, clock stops ticking, traffic….whats that? And here he is after 2 seconds with the gift.

Einstein who?…….. DAS AUTO!

The second one is in  a league of its own!

So this is what happens- A hot model walks in a restaurant and gets to her table filled with food enough for family of Bear. Now that I have said bear, she starts eating like one…..yes this is a car Commercial and the reason being that she owns a new Volkswagen Beetle and “CURVY IS GOOD”

Thank you director you did not give her a Hummer.

Peugeot Indian commercial:

I don’t know how many of you have seen this video but I came across this one in youtube and trust me this is one of the best commercials I have seen which makes no sense.

So this is what happens- A local lad sitting in the side street sees a old Indian car by the road side and stars destroying by driving it on to the walls, gets a elephant from nowhere to sit on the car and finally uses tools to remake the car like a Peugeot.

So…. What I could understand was that the old Indian cars were infact hard ass and strong that even a elephant could do nothing. Secondly, we can just shave up cars back and front to make it resemble the car of our dream and finally you really don’t need a good engine to get the feel of Peugeot.

Thanks to the director for explaining why they could never work out in India.

Royal enfield commercial 2007:

So this is what happens- Frankly I don’t even wanna talk about this commercial!

When you don’t have thing innovative to do with the bike, you end up making such lame Ad’s!

This is Royal Enfield all the way from bottom.

Bajaj Pulsar – Nurse ad:

How can we end our list without the father of india stupid engineering BAJAJ!

So this is what happens-  Nurse are no their routine rounds to check the delievered babies and suddenly when they open the blanket it’s a bike and they go all blond over it!

JAW DROP! Obviously in a bad way. What were they thinking while making this commercial?

We could have Modi give a speech on this shit and still will end up like WTF??!

This is just the start, we will come up with many more of these in the coming days.