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Lost My Boots

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2894f3b1739d382d641f529f192d6b50_lostmybootsmain-695Imagine going on a journey with nothing but a given mode of transport and no information in terms of destination and plan. Only as you progress along the journey, you know what happens.

“Lost My Boot’s” is a simple concept that mainly focuses on providing a new definition to travel and adventure. The key objective here is to provide willing travelers an array of surprises and complete sense of adventure to make it an experience of a lifetime.

But it is not only about the adventure, there is also a sense of learning through the various activities that take place along the journey. Be it a group of friends to a corporate outing, “Lost My Boot’s” can be customized for the experience and learning.

Lost My Boot’s is quite simple really, plans are made such that –

Travelers will only know the travel dates and the cost of the trip
They will not know the mode of transportation
They will not know the destination
There will be strict guidelines on luggage they can carry
Only one medium sized bag per traveler shall be allowed