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A decade ago, the practice of product launch was not even recognized. Companies somehow got their products to market, but no one really knew how they did it. Today, companies must be smarter. If products aren’t properly launched, companies can’t generate revenues, grow, or even survive.With today’s dynamic economy and the pressures to be more competitive and profitable, solid launch processes are even more critical.

Product launch is not well understood. Some people think of ‘launch’ as a one-time announcement. In fact, the practice of product launch includes all of the work done during the three months before a product is made available to the market. Product launch is usually homeless; it doesn’t quite fit in the marketing or product management groups. Because businesses are in such a hurry to get to market, product launch may be done by whoever is available, and with no documented processes to follow. In the case of startups or entrepreneurs, the problem is worse because there are fewer resources and no business processes. Successful launches require a solid mix of project management and marketing skills, and a simple, realistic process to follow.

The Process

There are three main phases of the process, each with several steps:

The Irony – [What you don’t need in a product launch?]

Most of the Indian Automotive companies hire an “Event Management” company which barely has any knowledge of the product [Car, Motorcycle etc] to execute a grand slam launch parties. Getting a “Bollywood” star with hefty price tags to dance on the stage before the product is unveiled is certainly not required for a successful and impactful product launch. It’s a complete waste of resources and certainly does not add any value associated with the product and the brand.

We at Motor Chronicles believe that “Glamour” is important but at the right time and at the right place. Being die hard “Motorheads” and flawless executors we have an added advantage over a generic event management company to introduce your product in the right way with right amount of resources.

Don’t be afraid to give us a shout…!! We are only “Mortals with the right attitude”..!!!