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customerEngagmentIllu“Actions speak louder than words” is an important mantra to consider when structuring an effective customer engagement program. Most often, customer engagement is viewed in a superficial light, with companies creating programs to grab their customers’ attention but, when you get right down to it, a single program on its own will do just that – grab attention – but not keep it.

A more effective way of connecting with your customers involves cultivating a two-way relationship between the customer and the brand. Indeed, this form of customer engagement aims at long-term engagement, encouraging customer loyalty and advocacy through word-of-mouth, not just deals and special offers.

Good customer engagement programs should extend beyond the superficial layer of what a customer can immediately get (i.e., “I spend this many rupees = I get this many store points”) to the deeper core connection with the customer. When building customer loyalty, companies should always consider the “emotional connection” by engaging their employees in a meaningful, mutually beneficial relationship with their customers. Doing so can mean all the difference when it comes to brand loyalty and repeat business.loyalty

Classic example of the best Customer Engagement Program ever is of “Harley Davidson”. This brand has lone survived on loyal customers and their emotions attached with the brand.

We at Motor Chronicles have been able to deliver somewhat similar level of engagement locally here in Bangalore for one of our clients “KTM”. The launch of Duke 390 created a totally new arena in Motorcycling in India and we created a simple activity to engage their customers by offering weekend adventure getaways to allow consumers experience their machines potential completely.

Do write to us, we love roads and love them more when loyalists with a common interest get engaged. []

Do check out the images and videos below to know more about the KTM experience.