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campaigns-iconSuccessful brands don’t just sell a product, they sell an identity too. A brand is the identity that an organization or product presents to the world. It goes beyond just a logo. It’s the values that the product or organization stands by. From a consumer’s perspective, brands are about personality.

Two things that make Campaign successful are – Originality and Participation.

Originality. Easy to say, hard to do! We at Motor Chronicles believe otherwise.
Originality comes naturally for us as we grew up around machines and understand the Indian Automotive world and the consumers associated with it. It’s rather simpler for us to proceed to the next step. The next step is to communicate the idea. True originality is easier at this stage because new media is still in its infancy. Every day there are new and inspiring ways that the message can be delivered.

Participation is a newer concept. Given the increasing dominance of both online and experiential activity as marketing tools, participation has become integral to judging the success of a campaign. There are myriad new online and experiential marketing tools that mean consumers can now interact directly with brands. Interactive brand engagement gives the consumer a voice and the right to express their opinion about what that brand represents. When brands listen, acknowledge and adapt to the feedback, then not only does the brand identity evolve to fit the market, but it will also recruit people who will spread the word on the brand’s behalf. Win-win!

We at Motor Chronicles are equipped with fresh ideas and are connected to the roots of the consumer mentality and thus gives us the added advantage to be chosen for your next “CAMPAIGN”.

We can create and execute different kinds of campaigns at different levels –

  • Corporate Social Responsibility activities [CSR] – We at Motor Chronicles believe in giving back to society to make the world we live a better place. Our CSR ideas have evolved over the years of experience, working with various NGO’’s. We have also created a motorhead community driven platform called “Revving for a Cause”. This platform is available to everybody to create and execute any kind of social activity.
  • Road Shows
  • Youtube Video campaigns
  • Trail Run entry of new machines
  • Festival expos
  • TV Shows

So, what are you waiting for..?? Don’t be shy and give us a shout to