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investors_in_people_logoMotor Chronicles is a promising start-up and is a whole new breed. As we have always told we are a company that deals with anything that is related to creating unique prospects in the automotive [Design, entertainment, media, equipments] and adventure travel and hospitality industry. [ Creating hangouts, cafes, camp sites] Motor Chronicles has been successful in identifying the gaps and avenues that exist and believe that there are great opportunities that can be capitalized on.

For instance, Motor Chronicles has joined hands with a recreation get away for travelers called “Wild Valley” , which is located at the heart of Sathyamangalam forest range in Tamil Nadu. We will be developing the infrastructure and add many more values to attract more and more adventure travelers to experience this one of a kind destination.

We have been on the lookout ever since for such exotic locations to create more adventure traveler friendly recreation centre’s across India and hence have created a great avenue for “Investors” to look at in the travel & hospitality industry.

Another major aspect for an investor to look at shaking hands with Motor Chronicles is the “Design and Development” sector. We are visionaries and we have been busy creating a prototype motorcycle to fill the segment that does not exist in India and has a huge market since more and more people are taking up Motorcycling as a recreational activity, sport and so on.


Motor Chronicle is also on the move to create a new segment in the automotive media through our “Journal”, where we aim to follow a new lingo called “Moto-Literature”. Moto-Literature aims at creating new breed of readers who are not really versed with automotive language which is completely technical.

We can go on speaking about the various opportunities that are there for an investor to look at, rather we would say give us a shout and lets catch up for a coffee[ Our coffee sometimes has Barley water too.;-)] and discuss what wonders we can create.